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Issue 2 Pt. 9

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Welcome to Marvel Heroes.

Inspired by Icnos Spider-hog. We visit a world where Sonic characters are seen as Marvel Superheroes. With all new adventures not seen or taken from the comic/movies.

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Posted by MageFX
April 15th, 2009, 3:26 pm
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Concerning Character Suggesting!

Anyway, I've seen lots of comments on who should be who and what not well... GIVE SOME INSIGHT!

Reasons why certain characters are certain characters:
Spider-Hog(Sonic): Cocky Cool Hero whose a smart mouth but gets serious when he should.
Wolverine(Shadow): A Weapon created for mass destruction but wishes not to be.
Cyclops(Tails): A True leader, smart, and even with a little power, he comes a long way.
Ghost Rider(Knuckles): Was tricked into making a horrible deal and a guy who goes in head first to a battle.

Characters already having a role:
Espio, Amy, Rouge, and Eggman.

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